Joey Ace

Pedal Steel, Keys, Mandolin, Guitar

Joey is a multi-instrumentalist, adding Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, and Keys to fill out the commercial sound of SMC. He is even called on for occasional vocals.

Playing guitar since the late 60s, he studied with the late jazz legend Howard Roberts, and later Steve Katz (famous producer and Blood, Sweat, and Tears guitarist and co-founder). More recently he has studied Steel Guitar with some of the world's best players, in Canada and Nashville.

With the "Urban Cowboy Boom" of the 70s Joey honed his Country musical skills as a touring musician with the country-rock band Coyote (Aria Records), and Bluegrassers High Noon. Several seasons of touring the Maryland-Jersey shore, though fun, convinced him to pursue a day job to support his passion for music. He quit touring and found musical fulfillment in recording sessions, with a brief excursion into Rockabilly perfomances in the early 80s.

By the 90's, the urge the perform live had returned. Joey founded the Hamilton area bands Mystery Train and later Neon Moon. In 1994 he worked with, then Mystery Train vocalist, Scotty Campbell to record the song "Lonely in San Antone" which went on to win the "Bud Country 59 Talent Search", and launched Scotty's solo career.

At the turn of the century, after six years of steady performing with Neon Moon, he left the band, turning leadership over to vocalist George Anthony, so Joey could focus on recording projects and Pedal Steel Guitar.

Joey is an in demand session player who has many recording credits, for everything from jingles to made for TV movies. He also performs with Hawksnest, and is an Independent Producer.

Shanya Lynn and Joey met in June of 2004, and immediately realized their similar goals of putting together a top notch
New Country with an Attitude band to rock the better venues of Southern Ontario.

Shanya Lynn and Midnight Country is the result. They've worked steadily on this project ever since.

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